Polaroid photographer Kathy Rankin

We asked the talented Polaroid photographer Kathy Rankin to tell us a little bit about herself and her photography.

Kathy Rankin: I’m an instant photographer and teacher currently living in Seoul, Korea. I began shooting Polaroid about 6 or 7 years ago.To me, there’s something extraordinary about shooting instant film. The colors, the softness, the blur, the unpredictability of it all, the fact that you can hold something tangible in your hands~ these are just some of the qualities that make shooting film this type of film so addictive.

I’ve always been interested in the human condition~fear, anxiety, isolation, the unknown as well as dreams, and I use self-portraiture as a means to explore these issues. Recently, I was asked to participate in a project called ‘The 12.12 Project along with 11 other amazing instant photographers. It’s a year-long-project where each photographer picks a theme, and this theme is interpreted by each of the 12 artists. The project starts in September. 


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